AI powered experimental sampler

Explore your sound collection by creating your own constellations with thousands of sounds.

Play in creative new ways interacting with the generated map and connecting with other software and hardware devices.

Invent your own way for playing.


Unique ways for interacting with the sound map.

Explorer Unit

Explore your sound collection listening the generated map and discover latent timbric relations

Particle Unit

Particles are autonomous agents that moves through the map playing any sound they touch

Sequence Unit

Define a sequence of sounds that are played using distance as rhythm

Morph Unit

Blend multiple samples to create sound textures with different intensities.

OSC Unit

Link AudioStellar with other softwares and devices using OSC protocol. Invent your own way for playing.

Artists working with AudioStellar

Shai Cohen


Agustin Spinetto

At the end, there is a melody

Leandro Garber y Julio Nusdeo

AudioStellar en Vertigo